A Quick Guide to Maintaining the Shine and Beauty of Natural Stones

The use of natural stone is very common in designing interiors and outdoors of houses. The manufacturing of tiling material happens inside the earth crust giving extraordinary texture and colors to the stone. For giving the interiors a rich and royal feel, many house owners put natural stone in floors and walls to enhance the décor.

The advantage of natural stone is that each stone or tile is different in terms of color, pattern of marks, and veining. These natural stone include –

  • marble,
  • onyx,
  • granite,
  • sandstone,
  • limestone,
  • quartzite,
  • travertine,
  • slate, and
  • soapstone

There are other types also in natural stone, but their application is not so common. Allt i sten is a pioneer company that provides all types of natural stone.

Clean Them Regularly

It is important to regularly clean these stones in order to maintain its beauty. Natural stone requires prompt maintenance sessions. Because there are so many types of natural stone being used popularly, people should know that each requires a different type of cleaning. Cleansing product’s chemical composition might adversely react to the natural stone. Most stones are attracted to dirt, so the process of cleaning is very complex. Above everything, priority should be in choosing the right supplier of natural stone. Check out alltisten for natural stone requirements.

 Following are few tips and guidelines for cleaning and maintaining natural stone.

  1. Most of the times, dirt enters the house from shoes of the people who come from outside. Thus, just putting a simple door mat in the entrance can aid the maintenance of your floor tiles. The mattress will capture all the excess dirt and any such abrasive substance that can harm the natural stone. But, don’t forget to clean your door mat regularly.
  2. Acids like lime juice, and vinegar should be avoided. Some people consider these as an effective stain removing agent, but it is not good for natural stone. The beauty of the stone will start deteriorating with these acids.
  3. Always read the label of the cleaning products. Until and unless it specifies that it is safe to use on the type of natural stone for which you are buying it, keep away from such cleaning products.
  4. Generic products must not be used by mixing it with water and then mopping the floor and walls with the mixture. Even harsh disinfectants and stain removers can reduce the life of natural stone.
  5. As soon as some liquid spills on the floor, especially wine, liquor, tomato sauce, aftershave, orange juice, vinegars, and lemonade, wipe it off immediately or else the stain will become intact and will not go easily. Anything for that matter should be cleaned immediately.
  6. Make sure that furniture legs are covered with scratch guards. While shifting or moving the furniture it should not leave scratches.
  7. Using shine agents and floor wax is not a good idea. It will only demand for more expensive maintenance in the long run. If you really want to improve the shine of your tiles, hire some professional polishing agency.
  8. For a stone, which is not professionally cleaned, sealers should not be applied. It will trap the debris and dirt, and will gradually damage the natural stone. Sometimes, it may also lead to peeling and scuffing.
  9. Drinking glasses, hot items, and plants should not come into direct contact with the stone or else the consequences will be etching, scratching and other possible damages.
  10. There are cleaning products and conditioners available in the market for maintaining natural stone. Use those products only for cleaning purpose.

All the above tips will help you maintain the shine and beauty of the natural stone used in your house. Prevention is better than cure, so keep your eyes open and act immediately to avoid any long term hassle.


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